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We have long experience in our field, so we can provide you with distinguished services.

Supply and installation of all systems
liquefied gas and steam gas



Supply and installation of all
Alarm and fire systems



HVAC systems
(chiller and duct)



Supply and installation of all lighting
Airstrips and windward



Supply and installation of all systems
current Low



Maintenance and Operation Department



who are we

We started our commercial career in the year 2008 as a contracting establishment with the name
Engineering Systems Corporation.
In 2015, we turned into a limited company to be given its current name
Metal Systems Ltd.

Our vision

We seek to be among the leading companies in the field of electricity, mechanics and technologies
Solar energy and the supply of industrial and commercial products we supervise
Many important projects with major government and private agencies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia

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Customer satisfaction is our goal

Meeting the needs and aspirations of our customers and adhering to them.

Quality and care:

Delivering works with the highest quality standards.
* Commitment to the most important global safety requirements

Access to our customers

To reach our customers with our high quality service
Efficiently, quickly and distinctly

I am accredited


Civil defense accreditation
No. (39301)


Accreditation from the International Organization (NFPA)
NFPA 58 liquefied petroleum gas
NFPA 72 National fire alarm and signaling code
NFPA 13 Standard for the installation sprinkler


API accreditation
API 510 Pressure vessel inspector
API 570 Piping inspector


Approval from Saudi Aramco No. (1005813)

I have agents

Prisons: Dhahban Correctional Facility (Jeddah)
Al-Hayer Correctional Services (Riyadh)

Public address control

Unicoil Factory


Al Rayyan College (Madinah)

Edward's fire alarm system

Al Noor Mall (Madinah)
Fire system for the entire complex


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Jeddah - Medina - Riyadh


+966 561 111 013

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